Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT Truck RC Car with an RC Helicopter

Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT Truck

Silverlit Heli Mission SWAT Truck
Introducing the Heli Mission SWAT Truck from Silverlit. Featuring a fantastic 3-Channel helicopter which is launchable from its own futuristic remote controlled Transit Truck!

This futuristic fully functional Heli Mission Swat Truck from Silverlit has all the features imaginable. Including LED hazard warning lights and siren, automatic opening doors in the roof and a rising launch platform allowing the three channel helicopter to actually take off from the truck.

Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT Truck


I always love the toys from Silverlit, especially their RC toy that is very cool and awesome (such as iWing / iFairy or iBird). Now, Silverlit has just released a better RC toy, 2-in-1, a Helicopters inside a SWAT Truck called “Heli-Mission SWAT Truck“.

This Heli-Mission SWAT Truck is the coolest RC toy we’ve met so far. I’m not sure if you would like it or not, but I would get one if I have the spare money to spend. It’s very cool because both RC – the SWAT Truck and Helicopter is controllable. The SWAT Truck has sirens and headlights and running lights, Full function control and it has an automatic truck door open/close ability.

Once the Heli-Mission SWAT Truck opens up, it will turn to Helicopter Mode automatically and the SWAT Truck will stay on the position. The Helicopter has up to 3 channels control, Auto stable and precision speed while floating freely in the air.

Here is the video demonstration:

Awarded top remote controlled flying toy on The Gadget Show, Silverlit’s fully functional Heli-Mission swat truck features twin LED headlights, four flashing blue hazard warning lights, dual siren sound effects, and remotely operated roof doors that open and close upon command!… An automatic rising launch platform allows the three channel infrared chopper to actually take off from the truck, and be safely stored inside between top secret missions.

Undoubtedly having the wow factor for all who see it in action, Flying Toys futuristic remote controlled swat truck may be steered left and right, and driven forwards or backward. Simply switch the same transmitter to operate either vehicle independently. Already an established favorite, the Silverlit Heli-Mission micro helicopter is a fantastic flying machine that’s super stable and easy to fly in the smallest of spaces, also available separately as the Atlas. This remarkable three channel chopper features a realistic body shape made of durable foam, a red flashing LED light and bright blue searchlight for indoor surveillance in the dark.

The third channel provides three modes of forwarding movement, combined with the proportional throttle for precise control. A lightweight lithium polymer flight battery built into the helicopter will provide flights of up to ten minutes long, and can be recharged in less than half an hour using the convenient charger built into the transmitter. Supplied completely ready to run, after installing four AA alkaline batteries in the truck, and six in the transmitter.

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